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EVAL6470H Application

Question asked by Trinh.Danh on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by Enrico Poli

I'm currently evaluating the L6470 for a mobile robot application using the EVAL6470H demo boards. I've been able to get my differential drive motors running and now I want to perform 2 tests to mimic real world scenarios. Please tell me if the following two scenarios would cause damage to the chip and possibly a way to protect against it:

1) During motor operation an external ESTOP switch on the robot kills input power (8-45v terminal) to the board

2) With the battery power removed from the EVAL boards, the stepper motors are back driven. I'm seeing a voltage appear at the 8-45V input of the board during back driving because the motor is acting as a generator. VDD of +5V may or may not be present. This is a common scenario since end users have a tendency to push the robot during transportation or an ESTOP from scenario 1.

Thank you