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STM32F407 and UlinkPro D

Question asked by Bjoernar Maelum on Mar 15, 2017
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I want to program/debug an STM32F407 using the UlinkPro D. I have connected the Ulink to STM32 using datasheet for the micro controller and found what I think is the correct pinout for the Ulink.


Serial Wire Debug is being used as this seems the easiest, unless you have a better suggestion for this micro controller.

I am a beginner at this and wonder if there is a tutorial somewhere, and if not: Can I find a Setup Guide of some sort to connect the two devices?


Is there anything specific I have to do to the STM32 or in Keil other than checking if the Ulink is connected and then trying to flash?


The error "SWD Communication Failure" is showing when I look at setting under "Debug" in the "Options for target...".