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Is It Feasible That Using ACS712 To Measure Low Current?

Question asked by ling ling on Mar 15, 2017

Good afternoon~friends,it's my first time to be here.Thank you for taking time to read my post firstly. I hope I have chosen the right forum to put my troubles ! I need your help.

Please give me some time to state my questions clearly.

I would like to measure the current in a range of 200mA by using ACS712. ( the datasheet)The output voltage of 200mA is about :2.5V(stable) +185*0.2A =2.5(stable) +37mV. Now I would like to decline 2.5V by opamp and use see-saw circuit to magnified "37V"200times,then adopt it by AD.Anybody have done it as me?Could you tell me if it's feasible?What degree can it arrive in the precise?


All you help will be appreciated! Thanks a million in advance!