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PDM audio software decoding library?

Question asked by folder.mike on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by Grumpy_Mike

    Here is a description of the PDM audio software decoding library from the AN3998 PDF:


    The PDM audio software decoding library includes one header file pdm_filter.h and    binary/object codes for the following platforms:   


    ●  libPDMFilter_IAR.a   


    ●  libPDMFilter_Keil.lib   


    ●  libPDMFilter_GCC.a   


: for IAR compiler
: for ARM compiler: for GNU compiler


This Library is provided in the "STM32F4-DISCOVERY board firmware package" (V1.10and later) under the following path 'Utilities\STM32F4-Discovery'

Does it mean that other compilers cannot take advantage of the library? Or the library is a result of a compilation of the included .c and .h files provided in the same Utilities\STM32F4-Discovery folder?

Thank you!