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CubeMX LWIP not working

Question asked by Raymond Buck on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by dieter 123

I have just started experimenting with ST products. I have a STM32F4 Discovery board. I bought a DP83848 PHY on Ebay and connected it to the Discovery board. I downloaded a hex file from here:[]


I am able to ping the board and access the web page with no issues.


I then used CubeMX to create a project with nothing but LWIP and two GPIO pins. I figured I would start out simple. The goal was to see if I could get LWIP working. I generated the code and imported it into System Workbench and used STLink to program the board.


I cannot ping the board (I enabled ICMP in CubeMX) and it does not make a DHCP request. I know the request is not being made because Wireshark never sees it.


Do I have to put anything in the main() while loop for lwip to work? Do I need to make any modifications to use the DP83848? I noticed in CubeMX that in the Ethernet Settings, it states LAN8742A for the PHY. Maybe this is my issue? If so, what modifications need to be made to tell CubeMX to use the DP83848?


I have been working on this for two days and making zero progress.