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Question asked by Old Guy From Toon on Mar 14, 2017
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I love the STM32 series processors. I have used F4's and F7's.  The ADC's are great particularly when used in dual or tripple mode. The timers are great and the general purpose comms are great, but what would be really good would be some DSP accelerator peripherals that off load the inevitable cpu time consuming loops that DSP requires.   I recently purchased and AD Sharc Board which has all of this stuff, but using it requires a Phd in computer science to understand it and it is seems to be targeted at audio using sigma delta adc's which aren't ideal for process control applications where the bandwidth includes a constant dc component.  What would be really nice to bolt on to an F4 or F7 or the new H7 would be


- FFT Accelerator

- FIR Accelerator

- IIR Accelerator


These could be configured to use a dedicated RAM pool separate from the ARM processors ram.


I have used the F4's and F7's for FFT's, FIRs and IIR's but it is very easy to run out of memory and using external SDRAM slows everything down considerably.


In some cases you can use 16 bit integers which helps with calculation speed and memory, but fixed point is a pain to scale correctly and it does not have the dynamic range of single float.  Also often the bounds checking essential for some fixed point algorithms uses up a lot of the speed gains of fixed point anyway. I have also used the CMSIS DSP library, but found that it has size limitations and lacks the flexibility of hand coded stuff where you can fold different DSP operations into each other to save memory and time and of course CMSIS DSP  still ties up the CPU considerably.


I use uVision as my development platform and use the HAL drivers.  I sometimes struggle with these as the relationship between the terminology used in the software does not always link up well with the processor reference manual. I also use the STM32CubeMX bizzo as I find this makes grappling with the IO to peripheral mapping much less of a pain. I also use freeRTOS and LWIP together without much trouble. I reckon DSP type periperals would fit in the HAL driver system very nicely.


I'm sure the clever people at ST could come up with some nice DSP stuff. It would enhance the current ST MCU range which is already excellent, by an order of magnitude.




Old Guy From Toon