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BlueNRG-MS compatibility with other BLE devices

Question asked by niemirowski.grzegorz on Mar 15, 2017

BlueNRG-MS is said to be compliant with Bluetooth standard. However I observed big difference in performance depending on what device connects to BlueNRG-MS. This is how it looks like:

  • iPhone can see the advertising, can connect, discover and read/write characteristics without any problem
  • Laptop and desktop PC with CSR8510 USB BT work very good as well, on both Linux and Windows 10
  • The same laptop without USB BT connected but using built in Intel BLE chipset has problems connecting to BlueNRG-MS, there are errors returned during connection, services discovery and data exchange, on both Linux and Windows 10
  • Huawei P9 Lite can't be used at all. It sees other BLE devices like estimote, but has hard time seeing BlueNRG-MS advertising. Usually BlueNRG-MS is not visible, pops up for a while and disappears. When I try to connect the phone tries for some time and fails. At the same time iPhone has no problem seeing and connecting to BlueNRG-MS

What can be the reason for such behavior? I know that some devices may be not 100% compatible with standards but I didn't expect so much problems. Is it BlueNRG-MS issue?