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SPIRIT1 on permanent LOCKWON status

Question asked by Papale.Onil on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Gleb Zaitsev



I'm a newbie to the RF world. I'm trying to connect an SPIRIT1 to an Arduino. So far, i was able to communicate with the spirit1 through the SPI interface. However when i send a LOCK or RX/TX command to the spirit1 it get's stucked in the LOCKWON status. I'm using a 50Mhz oscillator with the oscillator output soldered to the Spirit's XTAL IN and XTAL Out left floating. Below is the configuration of registers i used in the order i sent them to Spirit1. What am i doing wrong? Shall i use a different crystal, maybe of 52Mhz instead of 50Mhz?


Register                        Addr         Value                    

SYNTH_CONFIG[0]      0x9F         0xA0

SYNTH_CONFIG[1]      0x9E         0xDB

VCO_CONFIG              0xA1         0x25

PROTOCOL[2]             0x50         0x06

IF_OFFSET_ANA         0x07         0x36


Lock Command: 0x65

Spirit1 status: 00100111 (LOCKWON)


Any help is appreciated.