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LPTIM and USART2 in Stop1 mode

Question asked by Daniel Tarrago on Mar 14, 2017


I have succeed in making my application (STM32L475 based) going to Stop1 mode allowing it to leave stop1 mode in the following situations:

- RTC (every 31,25ms)

- I2C1 IRQ


This is correctly working but, then the problem appears when I include LPTIM to generate a PWM signal:

when PWM is started, USART2 does not work. If LPTIM is initialized but PWM generation is stopped (HAL_LPTIM_PWM_Stop), then USART2 is working again. If then, PWM generation is started again (HAL_LPTIM_PWM_Start), USART2 stops working.

Do you know which can be the reason of this behaviour?

Best regards.