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How to calculate FSMC timings for STM32F413? Specifically where to find t_su(Data_NE) and t_v(A_NE) values?

Question asked by Elder.James on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by Nesrine M

I'm using a Nucleo-F413ZH board with a SSD1289 driver based LCD. I am currently trying to setup the FSMC timings, and I believe I have calculated the DATAST (5) and ADDSET (3) values, but I'm not trying to confirm them with the third equation from the reference manual. However, I cannot find the values t_su(Data_NE) and t_v(A_NE)?


Maybe I'm being stupid here but please can someone direct me to the correct place?


Thanks in advance!


I just thought I'd add an image of the parameters for my LCD driver from the datasheet, if someone could also confirm the DATAST and ADDSET values I've calculated already, that would be great!