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Does anyone know how to find out the Core revision number?

Question asked by David Harrison on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Clive One

Hi. I have an STM32F746 Discovery board purchased late last year from Digi-Key. It uses a STM32F746NG chip. I have not found any documentation anywhere that defines which revision of the Cortex M-7 core it uses. I am programing using FreeRTOS and its portability layer has a port.c function for the CM-7 core revision r0p1. I see the latest (but still dated 2015) ARMCortex-M7 Processor Technical Reference Manual  is Revision r1p0 which presumably is later than revision r0p1.

How do I find out what revision the core is in any particular STM ARM chip?