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Sometimes my STM32L152 device in DFU mode is not recognized by Windows 10 (64bits)

Question asked by Fustin.Fran_ois on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by Fustin.Fran_ois

Hello everyone,


I am working on a project with a STM32L151 microcontroller.

I want to be able to upgrade its firmware via DFU mode.

The DFU driver is well installed, the device goes well in DFU mode when needed, I can well erase and download a new firmware to the device without problem with the DFUse demo program.

Except sometimes when DFU device is not recognized by Windows 10 and I don't know why.

With Beagle (USB hardware tracer) I can clearly see that device doesn't answer to the first SETUP packet sent by Windows.

But why this happens 1 times on 10 and how to avoid this problem?


Is somebody already had this problem? It could be interesting to have some clues to not have this annoying behavior.