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Does a bigger DMA (I2S) Receive Array result more calculation time?

Question asked by Odry.Akos on Mar 11, 2017
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I am working on a project where i collect the external ADC results through the I2S peripheral (using double buffer DMA).


The algorithm works in the following way:

- Once memory 0 is filled, interrupt occurs, a flag is set, and in the while loop i execute a processing algorithm on the memory 0 data

- Then if memory 1 is filled, again interrupt occurs, flag is set, and in the while loop i process again the memory 1 data


The aforementioned algorithm worked fine so far. However, recently i implemented some higher order filters and i realized that the mcu doesnt have enough time. Namely, for example, the flag related to "memory 0 is filled" event is set before the processing have been finished on memory 0 data.


I am curious, does the array size could affect the idle time of the mcu?

Or the other way around: Could bigger arrays solve this issue?


Currently the array size is:

#define ADC_REC_DATA16_NO 600

this number is given to the HAL_I2S_Receive_DMA function with the corresponding arrays.


I hope the question is clear.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Best regards, Ákos