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F334 SPI DMA and endian issues

Question asked by Manu Abraham on Mar 10, 2017
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Continuing my saga on SPI DMA, which works now.

The idea is to use it to drive a SPI LCD, an ILI9341 with DMA.


I see that I can communicate with the LCD, but all 16 bit writes are messed up due to SPI write with 16 bits and DMA.

The F334 runs in little endian mode which I verified.

The LCD needs big endian mode. Little endian mode on the LCD is not available in SPI mode. The LCD datasheet makes it quite clear.

"ENDIAN: Select Little Endian Interface bit. At Little Endian mode, the host sends LSB data first.
Note: Little Endian is valid on only 65K 8-bit and 9-bit MCU interface mode."

I started looking for a bitrev in the peripheral, rather than the available rbit instruction, to avoid CPU intervention on the large chunks of GRAM data, which would defeat the whole point of using DMA. In this context: Is it possible to do some bit reversing for the LCD, without CPU intervention, while still using DMA ?


But given this context, I was lost how a lot of other STM32 controllers are using the LCD. Looking at other controllers, I do see that they have a DFF bit to select between 8bit and 16bit modes, which is not available on the F334. Am I right to think that the DFF bit does bit reversing. Eventually to assume that 16 bit DMA to LCD seems impossible with the F334 ?

Can someone clarify, please ?

Any suggestions ?