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How to communicate two microcontrollers to a single pc via ethernet tcp/ip

Question asked by talvar.sulochana on Mar 10, 2017
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The communication between single microcontroller and pc is works fine through ethernet tcp/ip . problem occurs only when i connect two microcontroller to a single pc via ethenet cable,Here d-link 5-port 10/100 desktop is used for multiple connection.when connection made for multiple microcontroller ,the communication doesn't work properly.Either one connection will be in active condition other will be inactive.


I need solution to overcome this issue.My requirment is from pc it sends query to microcontroller-1 after receiving response from microcontroller-1 .It has send next query to Microcontroller-2.Process should be repeat.


Is it possible? If yes please please guide me. Please anyone reply as soon as possible......


Thanking You....