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Takes 2 minutes to enter DFU mode?

Question asked by shiznay on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by miller_smith.richard

We're having problems at the moment getting our device (STM32F405ZGT6) to enter DFU mode, or rather, we can enter it, but it always takes a little over 2 minutes to appear. 


We have a push button switch to on the board to enter into DFU if you let go of the switch at any point before the 2 minutes it will boot into application memory. 


When it finally enters DFU mode it behaves as expected. 


Interestingly, this will only work on the mac. 


Attempting the same on Windows, holding the button in while cycling power, windows will straight away detect an 'unknown device' even after installing the drivers included in the Dfuse demo application folder. Trying to manually install the driver against this 'unknown device' then returns 'the device cannot start'


We have also implemented a 'jump to bootloader' routine within our main application, which shuts down various things before jumping to the internal bootloader. 

Using this method on windows will bring the 'unknown device connected' message in windows. Using this method on Mac, nothing is ever detected. 


Thanks for reading. Any pointers?