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STEVAL IDS001V5M and SP1ML868 compatibility

Question asked by Matteo Pezzoli on Mar 10, 2017



I wanted to try using the sub-GHz radio modules; what i currently have here are 2 evaluation boards:

   - A IDS001V5M (SPSGRF-915 module based)

   - A SP1ML868 (SP1ML-868 module based)

Are they compatible? Can they even communicate between them, or the fact that they are tuned on different frequencies makes it impossible?

I tried setting up a communication between the two using the SPIRIT1 DK application for the IDS001V5M and a serial terminal based setup for the SP1ML868. It seems to be possible to edit the base frequency using the SPIRIT1 DK application, but does that have any actual impact or are the modules internally tuned on their frequency and the variable that i'm modifying has basically no effect at all?


Thank you