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Question asked by Syed.Rizwan on Mar 9, 2017
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I am working on STM32F769i-Eval board.

What is mfx initialization?

When i see camera example i found the below code


* @brief Initializes and configures the IO functionalities and configures all
* necessary hardware resources (MFX, ...).
* @note BSP_IO_Init() is using HAL_Delay() function to ensure that MFXSTM32L152
* IO Expander is correctly reset. HAL_Delay() function provides accurate
* delay (in milliseconds) based on variable incremented in SysTick ISR.
* This implies that if BSP_IO_Init() is called from a peripheral ISR process,
* then the SysTick interrupt must have higher priority (numerically lower)
* than the peripheral interrupt. Otherwise the caller ISR process will be blocked.
* @retval IO_OK if all initializations are OK. Other value if error.
uint8_t BSP_IO_Init(void)
uint8_t ret = IO_OK;

if (IoDrv == NULL) /* Checks if MFX initialization never done */
/* Read ID and verify the MFX is ready */
mfxstm32l152Identifier = mfxstm32l152_io_drv.ReadID(IO_I2C_ADDRESS);
if((mfxstm32l152Identifier == MFXSTM32L152_ID_1) || (mfxstm32l152Identifier == MFXSTM32L152_ID_2))
/* Initialize the IO driver structure */
IoDrv = &mfxstm32l152_io_drv;

/* Initialize MFX */
ret = IO_ERROR;
/* MFX initialization already done : do nothing */
return ret;



Can anyone tells what initialization is mfx?

Thanks and Regards

Rizwan Syed