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STM32 Cube F4 download problems

Question asked by Manu Abraham on Mar 10, 2017



I don't know what good it is ranting to the community here, but in the hope,

that someone @ST looks into these and thus a final resolve.


I 've been trying to download the Cube F4 package for 2 days.


The problems are:

The download gets interrupted after some 8 - 10MB

Retrying the download, it downloads a bit more, fails again.

Trying to use a download manager, because of the stupid

registration page, the download manager doesn't  seem  to do it's job.


This is quite typical of a large download from ST, with no exceptions.

It is not isolated to the Cube F4 package alone.


Getting frustrated over the nth time, can someone @ST please fix

these irritating stupid problems.