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STPM10 does not start immediately after RC startup procedure

Question asked by vojnar.jan on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Luiz Roque

Hello all,

I want to use stpm10 with internal RC oscillator. When I started using stpm01 , I prepared a communication library that works well without using the internal RC oscillator. I checked all communication using oscilloscope.

   Now I need to use STPM10 with internal RC oscillator. I programmed code that follow RC startup procedure. I have one board with STPM01 and two with STPM10. I tested new code using both boards with STPM10, but there is a problem with RC startup procedure.


RC startup procedure (according to the STPM10 datasheet):

  1. Set the mode signal BANK
  2. Perform a software reset
  3. Read the registers: BANK mode signal should be checked
  4. Clear the mode signal BANK
  5. Do not perform a reading, and write configuration bit RC



   After that the BANK bit and the RC bit remained set and the STPM10 did not start with measurement. Sometimes spontaneously started after several tens of seconds for no apparent reason.

   When I tested my code using board with STPM01 using Internal RC oscillator, then it works fine and STPM01 measure correctly.



   What am I doing wrong with STPM10 or where the problem might be?


Thank you in advance!