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Cannot connect to STM32 while J-link found swd-dp with id 0x1ba01477

Question asked by kishov.rasul on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by kishov.rasul

I'm having trouble to program custom board with STM32F103VB. I'm using SWD interface.
At the same time I got some data from j-link via j-link commander. It says:
"Cannot attach to cpu. Trying connect under reset.
Found swd-dp with id 0x1ba01477".


If I remove any pin from SWD interface it says only that j-link can't attach to cpu.
Today I also successfully flashed STM32F051R8 using the same interface connection but from another board. Do somebody have any idea what is going on?


Screenshot is attached.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!