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Usage of the motor lib v 3.0 -- some questions

Question asked by richter.christian on May 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by richter.christian
Hello together,
we are currently building up a prototype with the STM3210B-Eval board in combination with the STEVAL-IHM031V1 board. The correspondig motor is the QBL4208-61-04-13: There are two versions of the ST motor control library: One, which is for free and downloadable (STM32 PMSM FOC Firmware Library v3.0 web distribution). The other one contains all source files of the motor library, and we got it from ST by subscribing a NDA: STM32 PMSM FOC Firmware Library v3.0.1 By using the non-NDA version of the motor control library, the LCD display on the STM3210B-Eval board wasn't working, despite it was enabled in the SW. But on the other hand, it was working with the NDA SW version of the motor control library. We found out, that the LCD code and entry address differs in both versions. In the file /Project/UITask.c (non-NDA motor library version): #define VECT_TABLE_BASE 0x08013800 and has to be changed to (motor library NDA version): #define VECT_TABLE_BASE 0x08010000 Are you aware about this? The used SW toolchain is: IAR Workbench, ST Motor Control Workbench Debugger: ST Link The other thing is, that the motor isn't rotating. If overcurrent protection is enabled, it "moves" for about 1/10 s, and then stops with a overcurrent error. By disabling the overcurrent protection, it rotates longer, sometimes several seconds, and then stops with a revup fail error. Can you give us a hint, how to debug this error condition? We have already spent a lot of time for finding the root cause of this error condition. Thank you in advance and best regards, Chris