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Trying to understand workspaces and projects

Question asked by Dave Jones on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by Amel N

I've used various microprocessor dev systems for several decades, but am new to Eclipse and STM32.

I bought a STM32L476G-EVAL board, installed the SW4STM32 toolchain, downloaded the STM32L4 firmware package and placed it in a folder on my hard drive.


For my first example project I set the workspace to the outer folder holding the entire STM32L4 package and then imported the project that was inside the SW4STM32/STM32L476G_EVAL folder within the specific example that I was trying out. It compiled, loaded and ran fine.


I then went to try another example and when I went to import the next project it wouldn't let me, saying that the project was already within the workspace. And I couldn't figure out a way to open that project.


So I figured I was using the workspace wrong, so I created a new workspace which I set as the SW4STM32 folder just outside the project folder and then imported the project in the STM32L476G_EVAL folder inside of it. That worked, and I was able to build and run the project. I did that for a few more examples, each time creating a new workspace with one project in it.


But I can't open multiple projects at the same time because they are each in separate workspaces and it seems Eclipse/SW4STM32 can't have multiple workspaces open at once. I am used to being able to work on several projects at the same time, so I can copy/paste between them or read code from one while writing code in another.


So what is the trick to having multiple projects within one workspace? I gather that if I were to start from a blank workspace and to create blank projects from scratch that I could do that. But is there a method that I can use to work on multiple projects from the STM32L4 firmware examples and have those projects all be within one workspace? So I could, for example, cut pieces out of one example and paste them into another example? Or should I make clones of the example projects into a new workspace somewhere, and then end up with multiple projects (each a clone of something from the firmware set) in my own workspace so that I can then work on those multiple projects at the same time?