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Where are _IRQHandler functions defined?

Question asked by Sayeed.Shahriar on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Abdullah Baig

Ok so I am talking about the IRQ handlers for ADC, SPI, I2C USART etc..
I am expecting to see weak definitions of ADC_IRQHandler() function for example somewhere...but my startup_stm32.s file in startup directory does not know these functions...

I am using the System Workbench for STM32.


I only see the following:

.weak NMI_Handler
.thumb_set NMI_Handler,Default_Handler

.weak HardFault_Handler
.thumb_set HardFault_Handler,Default_Handler

.weak MemManage_Handler
.thumb_set MemManage_Handler,Default_Handler

.weak BusFault_Handler
.thumb_set BusFault_Handler,Default_Handler

.weak UsageFault_Handler
.thumb_set UsageFault_Handler,Default_Handler

.weak SVC_Handler
.thumb_set SVC_Handler,Default_Handler

.weak DebugMon_Handler
.thumb_set DebugMon_Handler,Default_Handler

.weak PendSV_Handler
.thumb_set PendSV_Handler,Default_Handler

.weak SysTick_Handler
.thumb_set SysTick_Handler,Default_Handler

Can someone help?