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Reading RTC-registers stops DMA transfer on STM32L051

Question asked by Kochurov.Oleg.001 on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 6, 2017 by waclawek.jan

I am using ADC with DMA on STM32L051. Conversion time is 50us (20 000 conv. per second). When I read RTC-registers (RTC_SSR, RTC_TR, RTC_DR) sometimes the CPU freezes for approx. 113 us causing ADC overrun and loss of one conversion result (113 us > 50 us * 2).

I have found the only way to solve this problem:

1) Put RTC read commands inside of interrupt handler. 

2) Read only one RTC-register at a time.

I am completely unsatisfied by this solution. Is there any better way to read RTC-registers without ADC result loss?


1) CPU: STM32L051R8T6

2) System clock is 1.048 MHz (MSI).

3) AHB and APB2 clocks are the same, APB1 clock is 1.048/4 MHz.

4) RTC clock source is external 32.768 kHz crystal.

5) ADC sequence (2 conversions) started by TIM6, DMA-interrupt after 100 conversions is used.

Thanks for any help!