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LAN8742A_PHY_ADDRESS wrong address

Question asked by giso on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by Doherty.Rowan.001

I do have the same issue STM32F746G-DISCO CubeMX Ethernet buglet  with the code generated for the stm32F2 device.


Additionally some values are not correct, below is the value we should have (based on the demo for the nucleo 207 board).


/* Section 4: Extended PHY Registers */
#define PHY_SR ((uint16_t)0x1FU) /*!< PHY status register Offset */

#define PHY_SPEED_STATUS ((uint16_t)0x0004U) /*!< PHY Speed mask */
#define PHY_DUPLEX_STATUS ((uint16_t)0x0010U) /*!< PHY Duplex mask */

#define PHY_ISFR ((uint16_t)0x001DU) /*!< PHY Interrupt Source Flag register Offset */
#define PHY_ISFR_INT4 ((uint16_t)0x0010U) /*!< PHY Link down interrupt */