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ST32F302RC USART with parity not working

Question asked by ra.pamod on Mar 2, 2017
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I am working on STM32F302RC. I want to use the USART1 with parity enabled both odd/even which is configurable through command.

I am using USART1 with

baudrate 115200,

data length8 bit ,  parity none with this configuration it works fine. 

stop bit   1,

When I change the configuration of USART1 to odd or even parity it doesn't work I get junk character on serial termina  as shown below.


sƒß2ØL<DC3> ›'šÚšQM¸·»'¹bé·-Hl?S<RS> <DC2> å¹7™JC1<SUB> œî<SO> ƒÃé4 ]\V<SYN> åßóöX-<ETX> ‚, Ø-Hl<HT> <HT> c<STX> Á<CR>
Š Rn-EEº£{Zª^<SYN> kênæzVH<FF>
•åÓIâQ7$<DC4> <SI> KUad¨ÏËégC1¨Ên-EEº£{Zª^<SYN> kênæzVH<FF>
•åÓIâQ7$<DC4> <SI> KUad¨ÏËégC1¨Ên-EEº£{Zª^<SYN> kênæzVH<FF>
•åÓIâQ7$<DC4> <SI> KUad¨ÏËégC1¨Ü]N<ETX> šÝéô<-R돕m ._<SYN> å ÔLJHü


What could be the issue? Kindly suggest.


Thank you.