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SWPF01 - About SSI tags dataflow

Question asked by GONIN.Anthony on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by Gerardo Gallucci


I have some trouble trying to use SSI tags in custom html page. I can't manage to make it usable...

Let me explain a bit:

(All the following is hardcoded)

First, I create a file :


And put some content into :


Followed by raw data :


"<head><title>Input Demo</title></head>"
"<p>Input from Host: <!--#input--></p>"

Until here, everything is all right.

But if i load my page, the specified timeout (2s) is triggered and the content of the SSI tag is :

WebServer currently busy. Please try again later.

I understand that my SSI tag <!--input--> is never replaced because i never see any message on UART link before the end of the timeout; so i can't put any data over UART.

In fact, i receive a complete  +WIND56 message (I dump every byte received from uart rx int) when page loading has ended :

+WIND:56:Insert message to client: TIMEOUT OCCURRED!


I am missing something ? Wouldn't it work out of the box in my case ?



ST Nucleo F401RE + IDW01M1

SPWF01SA up to date : 160129-c5bf5ce

Wifi mode : Mini AP


Also, i can't find any information concerning SSIs and CGI capabilities. Provided link in another thread doesn't seems to work. Any working links to PDFs ?


Thank you,