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STM Flash Loader Demo Tool not Working.

Question asked by drd.Francois on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Clive One

I want to flash a load on the STM32F0CB using the STM Flash Loader demo. My configuration is: 57600, Data Bits:8, Parity: Even, Echo: Disabled, Timeout: 10.I also tried with parities Odd and None.

After resetting the MCU, I get the error: "Cannot get available commands, Please, Try to change Echo selection, Reset your device then try again...". I changed the Echo selection mode with the same bad result.


So I tested with serial tool. First of all, the only baud rates which gave a valid reply (ACK: 0x79, NACK: 0x1F)  were 56000 and 57600. So I sent the "login" command 0x7F and got the expected 0x79 reply (ACK). Good! The MCU is in the booloader! Then I sent a Get command (0x00 0xFF) and didn't get any reply. I sent the same command again and I got a NACK (0x1F) reply. These are the two only cases I can get alternatively. If a enter 0x7F, I get the same behaviour, the same two cases so it means the MCU didn't reset (otherwise 0x7F would enter in the bootloader again).


The behaviour I got with the STM Flash Loader demo matches the one I got with the serial tool: Once entering in the boot loader, commands don't work. May anybody tell me what's happening?