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DCMI on STM32F4-Discovery board

Question asked by swenson.daniel on Jan 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by Clive One
Can DCMI be used on the STM32F4Discovery board? It appears that there are pin conflicts that make it impossible.

PA4 - DCMI_HSYNC conflicts with CS43L22 - LRCK/AN1x
PA6 - DCMI_PIXCLK conflicts with LIS302DL - SDO
PB6 - DCMI_D5 conflicts with CS43L22 - SCL
PC7 - DCMI_D1 conflicts with CS43L22 - MCLK

The STM3240G-EVAL board appears to use the H and I pins to avoid these conflicts.

For reference, I am looking at Table 5 of DM00039084.pdf (User Manual for STM32F4DISCOVERY) and Figure 20 of DM00036746.pdf (for the STM3240G-EVAL board). 

Any comments or suggestions? Thanks.