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STM32 FOC PMSM SDKv3.0 Timer initialisation

Question asked by nick on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by nick

I'm working with the PMSM firmware library V3.0 to make a motor control using the STM32F103C8T6 processor operating on my own board. I am working with the provided non-RTOS project which was originally configured for the STM3210B-EVAL board.

I have the problem that timer 1 apears to be remapped (AFIOMAPR:TIM1_REMAP = 0x3) regardless of definition:
#define PWM_TIMER_REMAPPING               PWM_NO_REMAP
in the Control stage parameters.h file.

Edit: Problem solved by using the Batch build option to re-compile the motor control code instead of just Download and Debug which only recompiles the user project.

Thank you