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STM3210E-EVAL motor control example

Question asked by reichert.sebastian on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by reichert.sebastian

I'm trying to get a motor control example running on the mentioned board - without success.
My main function looks like this:
int main(void)

  //initialize motor control lib
  MCboot(oMCI, oMCT);


  //Execute a start speed ramp

Some of the called methods, I used from the IAR example project included in the motor control library. I didnt build and programmed this one, because of the code size (working with Lite version IDE).
I commented out all useless functions like LCD and so on.
Some further important information:
- I wrote a minimal main function with a switch-case where I switched the 6 GPIOs wired to the three phase-PWMs. I just commutated the the GPIOs according to the 6 commutation states. In this way, the motor was driving! Of course this is a very quick and dirty way, but it was only to check the HW!
- I checked all jumper settings with collegues several times. they should be correct.
- by calling MCI_GetSTMState, I could determine, that the state machine is in START mode.
Has someone a minimal MC example using the FOC MC library and could give me a hint? I some initialization missing? I think this is all done in MCboot?

As the power stage I use the STEVAL-IHM031V1 board.

thanks in advance