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BRAKE on STMotor control WORKBENCH 3.0 (ID211)

Question asked by jokin G on Dec 26, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2011 by Billino

When activating the brake option I get the following error.
"ID211 brake resistor switch off threshold voltage Higher Than over-threshold"

Dissipative brake checked and active high.
Min rated voltage 18V
Max rated voltage 32V
Nominal voltage 22V

at sensing Enabling and firmware protection.
enable overvoltage
threshold voltage over 32V
on over voltage switch on brake resistor.

I think that limit is in this parameter.
There is a parameter in the file "drive parameterers.h"
and the template
"# define R_BRAKE_SWITCH_OFF_THRES_V //@@## TEIDE% 03067"

But I can not find how to change from the program.


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