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problem with STM32_MAT-TARGET "IIR_Filter_int32_PIL"

Question asked by abdou si on Feb 24, 2017

hello evryone 

i am working with IIR_Filter_int32_PIL  from STM32-MAT/TARGET their is no error there is no error but when i started the PIL I got :

The timeout of 10 seconds for receiving data from the rtiostream interface has been exceeded. There might be multiple reasons for this failure.
You should:

(a) Check that the target hardware configuration is correct, for example, check that the byte ordering is correct.
(b) Confirm that the target is running.
(c) Consider the possibility of application run-time failures (e.g. divide by zero exceptions, incorrect custom code integration, etc.).

Note (c): To identify possible reasons for the run-time failure, consider using SIL, which supports signal handlers and debugging.

If you cannot find a solution, consider using the method setTimeoutRecvSecs of rtw.connectivity.RtIOStreamHostCommunicator to increase the timeout value.
Component:Simulink | Category:Modelerror
Output argument "lSections" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "coder.profile.ExecutionTime/get.Sections".
Component:Simulink | Category:Modelerror