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New to BlueNRG-1!

Question asked by Thomas.Pradeesh.001 on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by Julien Tiron

Hi, I am new to ST-Bluetooth. I have experience in TI LPRF and planning to do something in BlueNRG-1, because of TI background I have few questions!

  • TI BLE stack is based on IAR/CCS IDEs, for ST stack what is the IDE/Compiler I need to install?
  • Whether we get any control over application source code, or it’s like a GUI configuration? Something like you can set the BLE frame from the GUI and GUI make the whole project for you?
  • Whether ST providing any GUI/Tool for radio characterization of their RF products? (Like smrtRFStudio from TI)
  • What is the stack size and what left for application code (memory)?
  • How many profile samples code you provide?