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Connect STM32 FSMC to LCM with 6800 interface

Question asked by diverger on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by waclawek.jan

I want to use STM32 to drive a LCM with a KS0108 controller. Sadly, it has a 6800 interface. Fortunately, ST gives a document to guide me: TFT LCD interfacing with the high-density STM32F10xxx FSMC . In p. 12 it gives two methods:



But the, states when write to LCD, the data is latched at the falling edge of "E":




Then, assuming we use the method 1 above, the pseudo-code should like:


lcd_addr = lcd_data;

gpio_E = LOW;


After the first clause, the /CS should goes to high, what's the state of the data bus, will it hold the data last output??? Or it will go to high impedance after /CS high? How can we make sure the LCM to latch the correct data?


For method 2, the situation should be similar.


Anyone ever tried ST's method?