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BlueNRG-1 run debug, combine with cc1310

Question asked by Nav Dev on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by Nav Dev

Hi ST,
I am working with the BlueNRG-1 using STEVAL_IDB and i have few questions please:
1- When i program some ST BLE via using Navigatorv2.3.0, the main code not the BLE stack, where it saved? in the main MCU or the NRG-1?
2- I want to combine the NRG-1 with TI sub1-GHZ cc1310(Backward compatibility), so i have few questions in this area:
2.1 - Where the code that related to the BLE must run? on the cc1310 or NRG-1?
2.2 - Did it possible to configure and send commands to the NRG-1 via other MCU? if yes i would be happy if you share some example, reference ...


3- Did there is some tool develop/debug with the BlueNRG-1 code example, and it's free?

4- What is the best IDE that you recommended to work with the BlueNRG-1?