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IWDG short period (125 us) problem

Question asked by Rubén Acerete Halli on Feb 23, 2017
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We are developing a PV converter and we have choose an STM32F407VGT microcontroller in order to controlling its power electronics and communications. We are using the iwdg in order to ensuring that the software works properly and if not reset the system and initialize in a safe state. Mainly stopping the PWM modules and stop triggering the Mosfets. We would like configuring the IWDG at minimum period (125us). We carries out the IWDG reset in a timer (TIM2) update event interrupt each 50us. For reseting de WDG we are using the HAL function HAL_IWDG_Refresh(&hiwdg). Following is the IWDG initialization code:


hiwdg.Instance = IWDG;

hiwdg.Init.Prescaler = IWDG_PRESCALER_4;

hiwdg.Init.Reload = 0;

if (HAL_IWDG_Init(&hiwdg) != HAL_OK)





We have tested 3 different values for hiwdg.Init.Reload, 0, 1, and 2. If we use 0 or 1 the systems restarts continuously. If we use 2 the watchdog works, but four application the watching time is too long and produce that some converter components could explode. How can we configuring the IWGD in order to having a WD period of 125us as told in the manual reference?