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STM32F4 Memory Card Interface Issue

Question asked by Kale.Sumit on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Kale.Sumit

Hello. I am trying to integrate SD Card (Transcend 4GB) with STM32F407 Disc board. I had followed all previous discussion & made corrections yet i am getting Error. I have attached my clock configuration, Pin diagram of STM Cube MX & Detail Code. Can anybody tell me what extra changes i Need to do to get rid of error. Usually i am getting Disc error (Program is not going aheaf "f_mount()"). When i press reset button it gives Disc Error.


I changed all GPIOs to "Pull high". I am not sure if 3V power is enough for the Memory Card as i am directly connecting my VDD pin (STM32F4) to Memory Card. I have connected Memory Card by following way to board:


1. Card Detect (PIN1) to PC2

 2.CMD (PIN2) to PD2

3. Clock(PIN5) to PC12

4. VDD(PIN4) to 3V

5. DAT0(PIN7) to PC8


Any comments about Code & configurations will be highly appreciated.