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Possible reasons for STM32F4 to generate a reset.

Question asked by Maor Avni on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Clive One

We have a strange problem on one of our boards. One cabinet has 3 identical boards, running the same binary, (the application is configured remotely from the main server so the software behavior is different), but only one of the boards has intermittent resets.


I tried disabling the watchdog, but the resets still occur.


While trying to debug the problem by attaching to the board with a JTAG (Jlink Pro), the resets frequency rises dramatically, but the JTAG loses connection to the board, as though the STM32 lost power, so I can't witness the place where the software resets.


We connected a scope to see the reset signal. We deducted that the reset signal source is internal to the STM32, and not external.


The only place where a forced reset is used by the software is at the end of bootloading, and it is performed with NVIC_SystemReset(). 


We use STM32F427ZG/I.


Any other reasons that the STM32F4 will reset itself, other than NVIC_SystemReset and a power outage?