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Reading LIS2DE12 Temperature

Question asked by ben_porath.tal on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by Jan Liphardt

We're using LIS2DE12 in our device and manage to get reasonable acceleration data, interrupts etc.

However, when we try to read the temperature form the designated register, we clearly get wrong results.


Here is what we try to do:


1. write 0xC0 to TEMP_CFG_REG.

2. write 0x80 to CTRL_REG4.

3. read OUT_TEMP_L.

4. small delay (**we tried with and without it, with no seeming affect**).

5. reading OUT_TEMP_H and treating its value as the temperature.


Can someone point out if we're doing something wrong in the process?

Also - do we need to treat the outcome differently? the manual says "Temperature data is stored inside OUT_TEMP_H as two’s complement data in 8-bit format left-justified", but i'm not sure I understand the meaning of this. If someone could give an example with actual numbers that might be helpful.


Finally, the manual doesn't specify the units of the result and whether it needs some calibration.

Are we correct in assuming the units are Celsius and that no calibration is needed?


Thanks in advance!