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Question asked by timonen.grigori on Feb 22, 2017
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We use SPWF01SC module in customer product. Device will be used in complex WiFi environment.
We tried to test WLAN connectivity in 802.11b, g and n setups in order to determine which one will better serve our needs in real world conditions.
We were trying to limit connectivity to 802.11g only by disabling 802.11b,n using wifi_opr_rate_mask parameter.
It seems this limitation works properly in other combinations, but mask 0x3FC0, 11 1111 1100 0000b (802.11g only) does not work for us.
Discovery simply does not find any networks, when we apply this operating rate mask.
Base station (router) seems to work properly with other devices in 802.11g network.
wifi_ht_mode set to 1.

Is there any bug or a misunderstanding on our side?