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STM32 Flash Driver Not Available from STM32CubeMX

Question asked by drd.Francois on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Amel N

Hi, I want to port a IAP CubeMx project for the STM32091C_EVAL board ( to a custom board using the STM32F0CB. I noticed that CubeMX can generate code for the MDK-ARM v5 (which supports STM32F0CB microcontroller, v4 doesn't). When I generate the code from CubeMX, it doesn't generate the flash driver (which is used by the STM32 example code). Files are flash_if.h, flash_if.c. There's no selection item to check in CubeMX and it's not included in CMSIS code. I updated the Keil packs from UVision->Project->Manage-Pack Installer.


Are these flash files supposed to be generated from CubeMX or do I simply copy them the example code (which seems not to be the "clean" way to do it)?