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wake Up with uart interrupt from stop mode.

Question asked by northwestern39 on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Oliver Beirne



i write code to wake up with uart interrupt for stm32f4 discovery board.
before sleep i use deinit uart function and configure rx pin as a gpio exti, in exti handler function i use deinit pin and init uart functions. Code works with 2 loss bytes on stm32f4 board. other bytes can succesfully receive. 


i tried the same code on nucleo stm32f103rb board. it failed. then i tried different way. first i sent dummy package to wake up mcu and next i sent real package, but it is not stable. sometimes succesfull sometimes incomplete or wrong.


so i wanna ask what is the better algorithm for me, or what i have to change in my code to work on stm32f103rb board?


thanks in advance.