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Getting ILI9341 Display to work via SPI

Question asked by Nor Sch on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Nor Sch

Hi, I  have troubles with getting a ILI9341-Display to work with my STM32L4. It's a "TFT Proto Board" from MikroElectronika. I need to test SPI but the Initialization is not working, tried different Examples, mostly based on the Init-Example from MI0283QT-9A-DataSheet (Name of the LCD-Modul).


As far as I understand, the Read-Information-Commands 0x04, 0x09, 0x0A, 0xDA, 0xDB, 0xDC should work even without Initialization directly after a Hardware- / Software-Reset. But the TFT is not responding to them.

There are Differences in the Pin-Layout of Documentations and the Labels on the PCB. I used the PCB-Labels for Connections. On the PCB-Backside is only the IM-Mode 010X given as SPI-Variant. Relating to the ILI9341-DataSheet this should be 3-Wire 9-Bit-SPI and the X should be 1. Ok, but this does not work. Don't really know if the Display also supports the other IM-Modes as defined from the ILI9341-Spec. Maybe they are not routed 1:1 ... I also tried the 8-Bit-Modes, but also without Result. Only the Backlight is on. If reading in 3-Wire-Mode the Controller gives the control over \CS and so on to the TFT but the TFT is floating around 1 Volt. For 4-Bit-Modes I see the same on the MISO-Line.


Has anyone an Idea what could be the Problem or maybe someone else has worked with this Display? I also wrote to the Manufacturer but not really expect an useful Answer ...