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Lifting and teft detection by LIS2DH

Question asked by cinar.Abdullah on Feb 20, 2017
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I am using LIS2DH in our custom board and I am trying to detect some scenarios using this accelerometer. I read the datasheet and application note and tested almost all features. But I'm not sure how to apply them to my scenarios. The sensor is connected to my device which is attached to an underground waste container. The accelerometer can not detect constant speed. So I can not know if the waste collection vehicle is lifting it up(assuming it is lifting it on a constant speed).  All I can do is detecting the transition between the device's stable position and the first movement using the free-fall interrupt on the Z axis.


Is there any chance to differentiate the situation of my device between the stable and getting lifted on constant speed? Is there any article about collecting the accelerometer data for such scenarios?