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How to toggle the Ax pin when using fsmc

Question asked by Hoffmann.Cobus on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Hoffmann.Cobus

I am trying to implement FSMC in order to drive an ili9341 LCD in 8080 mode. However to distinguish between command and data I need to toggle the RS(register select pin) which according to reference manual AN2790 should be connected to pin Ax. It appears that the Ax pin is just always LOW, and I don't know how to toggle it. 


I am using HAL_SRAM_Write8b(&hsram1, (uint32_t *)0x60000000, buff, sizeof(buff)); and it appears to work as I can toggle the LCD display on and off, which leads me to beleave that it recognises commands I just need to toggle Ax HIGH so that I can send paramaters.


I am using an stm32f407vgt6.