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STM32 Flash Loader Demonstrator - Support for STM32F76X

Question asked by Orchard.Jason on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by nahvi.mohamad

Hi Everyone,


I was looking for a tool that was able to bootload an STM32F767 microcontroller via USART which I thought I found when I came across the STM Flash Loader Demonstrator (version 2.8.0). However, there was no '.STMap' memory map file for this processor family, the closest was STM32F74X/5X.  


I created a new memory map file for the STM32F767 (see attached) which allowed me to successfully connect to my micro using the Flash Loader Demonstrator. However, I cannot perform an erase, program or download. The error message that I receive says "Fail. Check read/write protections". However, when checking the flash readout and write protections they are disabled. 


Has anyone had success getting this flash loader tool to work for STM32F76X parts?


Also, does anyone know the meaning and significance of "BID" in an '.STMap' file? I am currently using "BID" for STM32F74X/5X parts - maybe this could be the source of the problem?