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Github, Bitbucket and licensing?

Question asked by B.H on Feb 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2017 by B.H

What do I need to do to insure license compliance when putting a project up on a public repository like Github or Bitbucket? The project in question is one I started with MX (STM32CubeMX) and am presently adding example code to. The original project includes HAL libraries, code generated by MX and startup files for the IDE (OpenSTM32, AC6 at this point.) The additional files include board support and additional drivers.

I've looked for the license information which is either included in the source files or in the same directories in README files. It appears that as long as I retain the license notices and do not try to claim credit for the work that no license violation would be involved. (Of course I'd have to review license terms for all third party products to confirm that I can redistribute...)

Is there anything I'm overlooking here?