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Large compiled application size, is this normal?

Question asked by Scott Dev on Feb 18, 2017
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  I am just a beginner in the STM32, I have been designing for 8bit Freescale parts for years. I am using ST's Nuleo64 STM32L07 processor.

 Using STM32CubeMX I designed a very simple application that simply captures the system timer, GPIO interupt for the push button. I simply wrote some code (just for me getting used to the system) using Keil V5. I simply use the system timer interupt to blink the LED, pressing the button changes the speed of the LED . Within Cubemx I also selected RTC,LPUART but done nothing with the code yet. After building the application and ran it I noticed that the size of the code is 6420, and ram 1176. To me this seams a lot for what it does, I am used of having more tighter code. The application uses HAL library, does this put a large overhead to the size of code and ram used? And am I better stripping out some of the code that CubeMX creates?